5th TET R&D Project Brokerage Event was held in Harbiye Military Museum, Istanbul on the 6th of April 2016. CIP-ICT-PSP OPENISME (Open Platform for Innovative SMEs) Project, where TAGES is one of the project partners, was one of the finalists in ICT Applications category; Aslıhan Kağnıcı Projects Consultant of TAGES represented the project to the jury and participants.

2016 - TET RnD Brokerage Event

5th TET R&D Project Brokerage Event had 4 main categories (ICT Applications, Applications related to Energy Production, Transmission and Distribution, Environmental and Energy Efficiency Applications, Other Electrics, Electronics Implementation) in which 501 applications were made. 115 Projects, including OPENISME Project, advanced to the final which was held in Harbiye Military Museum on the 6th of April 2016. On the 5th of April 2016, the finalists presented the projects to the jury and the projects were displayed on the Projects’ Exhibition. Aslıhan Kağnıcı, Projects Consultant of TAGES, promoted OPENISME Project on its stand all day to the participants. OPENISME gathered the interest of not only SMEs but also SME associations, academicians and students. All the concerned participants were registered to the OPENISME platform.

At the end of the event, 12 projects were awarded on 4 categories. You can reach more information about the winning projects on Twitter using the hashtag #projebahari5, and for more information about TET R&D Project Brokerage Event please visit http://www.tetprojepazari.org/en/Default.aspx#

OPENISME (Open Platform for Innovative SMEs) is a collaborative project supporting SMEs in their pursuit of innovation by acting as an intermediary platform between public and private laboratories and innovative SMEs to help solving SMEs’ R&D problems. The project allows European innovative SME’s to benefit from open innovation methods, techniques and solutions by stimulating the use of new Open Innovation focused platforms.

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