You can view the full video as a demo of the OPENiSME platform, or you can access to specific sections as tutorials on given features.




The Open Innovation process overview:

introduction to the 6 steps in our open innovation service process, from investigation to the solution implementation.


The challenge statement


Searching with keywords:

choose the right keywords describing your challenge or its technology components, start searching.

A description of the search results and information pieces.


Using Suggestions:

use suggested terms to refine your search, terms are defined using Wikipedia articles.


Using the advanced query syntax:

exclude terms, search by name and keywords with our advanced query syntax (AND, OR, NOT title: name: abstract:). E.g.: exclude “waste water” from results on the query “chemical mechanical polishing”.


Build your experts list:

Create a new list and Add experts to it.


Managing similar experts:

our system suggests similar experts to the ones you selected, you can add immediately or when you finalize your list.


Using Patents information:

Search experts and companies through patents ; set patents alerts.


Finalize your experts lists:

review the selected experts, clean your list, add similar experts.


Draft your question:

take some time and consider all the dimensions in the question to be asked to teh experts. Our Question form will guide you.


Question review an send:

once your question is final, you can send it to an ideXlab specialist for review.


What happens next ?

Our team reviews your question and distributes it to the identified experts personally.

You may receive questions and proposals in the next days.


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